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In this way, the jacquard fabric washing work can avoid harm to the work

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2018/09/11 17:13
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From the perspective of jacquard fabric in use, people love it because of its exquisite patterns, so the product's figure is often seen in life. The product has good performance and can present the most beautiful side for people in use. However, all good jacquard fabrics are based on people's reasonable washing work, for jacquard fabrics should be completed in this way.
First, for different types of jacquard fabrics, different methods need to be used for washing. If you want the jacquard fabric to be the same as the new one, then you need to follow the steps of the purchase. Different colors must be washed separately to avoid fading.
Second, for jacquard fabric cleaning work, people had better not wash in the washing machine. Because the texture of the product is very soft, if it is washed in a washing machine, it may affect its quality. In order to guarantee the quality of products, people are advised to use hand washing methods.
Third, for jacquard fabric cleaning work, you need to see if it is suitable for washing powder. Because some products are not suitable for washing machine, in order to avoid damage to the surface, it is necessary to know whether it is suitable for washing machine.